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Quality Management System (QMS)

It is one of the key goals of Enersols Worx Ltd to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality in all our practices and operations without compromise. Our objective is to continually improve on the quality of our services and performance, while offering our customers safe, cost-effective, and professional services.

We are committed to total Quality Management System and our management is actively engaged in monitoring our quality systems, and is committed to ensuring that every client receives the best possible work product.

It is Enersols Worx’s policy to satisfy all customer requirements with respect to management of projects, design suitability, materials, and quality control documentation. In this respect, we document and maintain internal quality controls and records, tailored as needed to client- or project-specific requirements. Our goal is to exceed you QA/QC requirements.

Enersols Worx’s QMS and all associated procedures are structured to comply with the intent of ISO-9001:2008.

Our QMS is enforced by conducting internal audits at planned intervals over the course of a project to determine whether the QMS is operating as planned and being effectively implemented and maintained. We maintain quality records to provide evidence of conformity to the QMS, and have rigorous document control procedures in place. Any audits which reveal a flaw in a work practice are used to determine root causes and implement corrective action to prevent any recurrences. Any project-specific ‘lessons learned’ are communicated throughout the entire organization, which results in continuous quality improvement.

Quality Field Installation

Material Traceability